ESRA means Giving Back... to the Future

We would all like to leave a legacy, and not necessarily a monetary one. Being a volunteer or member of ESRA means you are party to leaving a very big legacy indeed. It means you help promote ESRA's Education and Welfare projects, improving the future for others in our society. What better legacy could there be than improving the future of our children, or setting those in need back on their feet?

For nearly four decades, ESRA has been helping English-speakers be a contributing part of Israeli society, providing then with cultural events, volunteering opportunities, and an extended family. Our projects have developed, offering help wherever needed, be it with education, financial assistance, food, or guidance. Before embarking on a project, we identify a need, devise a solution, and ensure that we have the ESRA volunteers to run it and local partners to work with us and share the cost.

I became active in ESRA because I wanted to spend my retirement years doing something worthwhile and giving back to the country I love. Why ESRA? Because ESRA provided the vehicle that I was looking for, with people who hold the same values without being bound to a political or religious structure. Also, I checked ESRA’s financial statements and found that expenditure on administration is kept to a minimum, and all the funds go to causes which I hold dear. So, I joined ESRA’s over 800 volunteers and several thousand members.

Why don’t you join us?

ESRA – your way of giving Back… to the Future.

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