Glenis Bertfield

ESRA for me

ESRA for me is about volunteering. It’s a great feeling to help make events happen; to contact a speaker, to organize a venue, and then watch the excitement and happiness on the faces of our audiences. Each event brings incredibly diverse groups of people together, and at the same time creates funds for our many projects.

ESRA for me is a challenging routine. It’s knowing that each day I have people to speak to, emails to write, and decisions to make. I am having fun meeting new people and making the most of my time. After working hard all my life, I am enjoying my so-called ‘retirement’ to the full. I would recommend ESRA to anyone who is about to finish working or who has recently made Aliya.

ESRA for me is about stimulating my mind. I came into ESRA looking for activities and wow, did I find plenty to choose from.  I quickly discovered an incredible range of things to do and what was even more exciting was that if I had an idea there was always help and advice available.  I was given as much backing as I needed to take my ideas forward.

ESRA for me is all about celebrating this amazing country together. Merle Guttmann, our founder and life president, had the wonderful idea 40 years ago of offering information, social events and activities to the English speaking community of Israel. I feel blessed to have found ESRA when we made Aliyah around ten years ago, and since then it's been an honour, a privilege, and a joy to be part of this wonderful organization.

We are in the process of organizing a one day event to celebrate ESRA’s 40th year together with all our incredible members and volunteers.  And we are not standing still, ESRA needs experienced, smart, vibrant, creative people with fresh ideas to take us into the future. Come join our celebration and even better, find out what ESRA can be for you. 

Glenis Bertfield

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