ESRA Projects in Netanya

  • Students Build a Community

    A long-term project whereby students are provided housing in disadvantaged neighborhoods, and in return, they mentor a group of local schoolchildren and become social activists in the community. Netanya, Akko

  • Empowerment by Skateboarding

    A weekly course providing youth with tools for personal success through discipline, self-confidence, overcoming obstacles, and the acquisition of a skill. The youth who stay the course receive all their skateboarding equipment at the end of the year. Netanya, Beer Sheva, South Tel Aviv

  • Journey to Identity

    Course for youth, mainly from the Ethiopian community, enhancing self-confidence and leadership, strengthening their Israeli identity as well as pride in their heritage, culminating in a roots trip to Ethiopia Netanya, Givat Olga

  • Programs of Excellence ‎

    A biennial course for high-potential youth providing educational enrichment in biology, physics, chemistry, marine biology and ecology at the Ruppin Marine Science Institute, Michmoret. Netanya

  • Volume Music Center

    Professional music instruction and a DJ course for youths to help develop their musical talents. Netanya

  • English Tutoring Program (ETP)

    In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, volunteers help schoolchildren with their English studies. Nationwide

  • First Steps

    Early childhood experts work in kindergartens, helping children prepare for first grade both educationally and emotionally. Netanya

  • Computer Courses

    Teaching computer skills, including Internet, for children, youth, and adults. Netanya 

  • Bayit Cham

    A warm home-away-from-home for teenage girls at risk providing a hot lunch, social activities and English tutoring. Netanya

  • Befriending

    Volunteers visit the elderly, helping them socially and culturally. Nationwide

  • Professional Counselling Services

    Individual meetings, at subsidized cost, for English speakers dealing with trauma and life's challenges. The service is also available by telephone. Supervised by Professor Claire Rabin. Nationwide

  • Knitting Circles

    A social activity in which items of clothing, dolls, and blankets are knitted and distributed to needy children, lone soldiers, newborn infants in hospital, and more. Nationwide

  • Sewing Courses

    Professional sewing training for adults. Netanya, Kfar Saba

  • Students Build a Community Scholarships

    From their second year on the project, students can receive extra assistance in return for additional volunteering. Netanya

  • Welfare Fund

    Financial support provided to families in times of crisis. Nationwide

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