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First Steps

Early childhood experts work in kindergartens, helping children prepare for first grade both educationally and emotionally. Netanya


Many kindergarten children (5-6 years old) about to start school the following year, are not sufficiently prepared. They lack the necessary gross and fine motor skills, pre-reading abilities, number recognition, as well as the skills to cope with emotional-social demands. Their parents may be unable to offer the support and assistance the children need, thus leading to a continually growing gap between these children and their more advantaged peers. We prepare the children for first grade, diminish the school readiness gap, and give them a better chance for academic success.

Target Audience

30 Children, 5-6 years old


Preparation for first grade both emotionally and educationally


Three hours a week, during the School year.


The teachers are very satisfied with the activity.
There is an improvement in the children's ability and self-confidence.
The activity enriches the children and they can use it in other areas of life.
The children are motivated to learn.


Hefzibah, Netanya

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