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How much do you know about ESRA and all that it does?

ESRA, Israel's largest English speaking volunteer organization, is focused on two main avenues of activity. Firstly, ESRA is dedicated to the successful integration of English speaking immigrants into Israeli society through a rich array of social and cultural activities in English and providing volunteering opportunities. Secondly, ESRA works to close the social and educational gaps in the country's geo-social periphery through the development and management of community projects throughout the country.





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According to the guidelines for Amutot (non-profit associations) ESRA's audited Financial Reports can be viewed publicly. Go to the ESRA page on the Guidestar website by following this link http://www.guidestar.org.il/GS_Search?s=580037455&lang=iw

Please click on the attachments below to view ESRA Financial Report as of 31 Dec 2016 in English and in Hebrew.

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Signed Financial Report as of 31 Dec 2016 - English 463.4 KB
דו''ח כספי מאושר עד 31 בדצ'מבר 2016 439.88 KB
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ESRA is dedicated to making Israel a better society. We do this through our volunteer work, creating special projects aimed at any sector of society that can benefit from our help. We are devoted to helping immigrant groups in a wide variety of creative ways, as well as helping the needy, the disabled, or talented youngsters who need a boost toward self realization. Our volunteers enrich Israeli society and in so doing are themselves enriched. We welcome all newcomers to our ranks.

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Become a member of the ESRA family and know that you are supporting not only ESRA's activities for English speakers, but also its many projects in the community for disadvantaged and immigrant families.


  • Become a member of ESRA today
  • Renew your membership and continue your support of ESRA and its many community projects.
  • Give a gift membership to family or friends, at home or abroad - or for someone you know who is contemplating Aliyah.
  • All new OLIM (within the first year of their arrival to Israel) are entitled to free membership to ESRA for one year.

As a member, you can enjoy:

  • discounted prices at ESRA's wide range of activities
  • our excellent 104 page bi-monthly magazine delivered to your home
  • our social and support groups
  • our varied opportunities for volunteering
  • November 2017 is Membership Month, with free entrance to a local branch ‎activity during the month for the new member, and those who introduce ‎them. ‎

Membership dues (since March 2012):
In Israel:    
NIS 140 for 1 year or NIS 240 for 2 years
From October 2017:  NIS 120 per year for credit card subscriptions with automatic annual renewal ‎‎(minimum of two years). Members will be advised each year, before the next ‎subscription is charged to the card.‎

U.S. $40 for 1 year; $70 for 2 years;      U.K. £30 for 1 yr; £55 for 2 yrs.
or equivalent in other currencies

You can pay your membership in the following ways:
    • On-line - Fill in the Membership Form by following this link. When you click 'Submit' you will be directed to the PayPal site, where you can continue in a safe and secure manner with your payment details. [If you do not wish to pay by the safe PayPal method, your application will arrive to our office. Our office staff will be in contact with you to finalise the payment details.]
    • Telephone our office directly with your credit card details 09-950 8371 (08:00-15:00)
    • Mail a cheque together with your details to: ESRA. P.O.Box 3132, Herzliya 4613002;
    • Send a fax Attn: Irene 09-954 3781
    • or click below to download PDF form for printing


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Please donate generously and warm the hearts of those in need!

You can make a donation to ESRA:

  • In memory of a loved one
  • To celebrate a birthday or anniversary
  • To say thank you
  • or just because you want to help
20,000 immigrant and disadvantaged families have been assisted by ESRA in the areas of education, welfare and employment. We continue to initiate and operate projects meeting the needs of the disadvantaged, handicapped and victimized in our country. ESRA also supports Excellence. Courses and scholarships help gifted students who have shown motivation and ability to succeed despite economic hardships.

Your donation will be used directly to help the children, adults and families who benefit from the many projects and enrichment programmes that ESRA has initiated in the community together with governmental and municipal agencies. Click here to find out more about our projects in the community.

You can include ESRA in your Wills and Bequests - click on this link to read more http://www.esra.org.il/wills-and-bequests

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Calendar view

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Example 1

8 AM – 9.30 AM Algebra room 376 A
9.30 AM – 12 PM Statistics 220 B
12 PM – 12.15 PM Lunch time assembly hall
12.15 PM – 3 PM Music jazz club
3 PM – 4 PM In a facilisis augue $28
9 AM – 11 AM History assembly hall
11 AM – 12 PM Music 220 B
12 PM – 12.15 PM Lunch time assembly hall
12.15 PM – 2 PM Physics assembly hall
2 PM – 3 PM Science 333 C
7 AM – 10 AM Algebra 220 B
10 AM – 12 AM Chemistry room 376 A
12 PM – 12.15 PM Lunch time assembly hall
12.15 PM – 3 PM Art jazz club
3 PM – 4 PM Italian $28
9 AM – 10 AM Algebra 220 B
10 AM – 11 AM Chemistry room 376 A
11 AM – 12 PM Art jazz club
12 PM – 12.15 PM Lunch time assembly hall
12.15 PM – 4 PM Italian $28
8 AM – 9 AM Algebra room 376
9 AM – 10 AM Statistics 220 B
10 AM – 12 PM Music jazz club
12 PM – 12.15 PM Lunch time assembly hall
12.15 PM – 1 PM In a facilisis augue $28
6 AM – 8 AM History assembly hall
8 AM – 12 PM Music 220 B
12 PM – 12.15 PM Lunch time assembly hall
12.15 PM – 4 PM Physics assembly hall
4 PM – 5 PM Science 333 C

Example 2

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John Doe


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ESRA Leadership

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A group of English Speaking residents of Herzliya and Kfar Shmaryahu formed ESRA in 1979, primarily to fulfill a social need and assist their integration into Israeli society.


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Coming Soon

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