Declaration of Accessibility

ESRA does all it can to ensure that its website,, is accessible. Accessibility adjustments have been made to allow every visitor to enjoy a high quality and friendly browsing experience.

This website complies with all Regulations for Equal Rights for the Disabled (adjustments for accessibility to services) 2013, subject to the following qualifications:

  • Accessibility adjustments were carried out per recommendations of Israel Standard (5568) "Guidelines for Accessibility to Internet Content" at the AA level and according to guidelines of international document WCAG2.0.
  • Tests were built for highest possible compatibility for browsers.
  • The website provides a semantic structure for technical assistants and technical support regarding accepted use and operation via a keyboard including the keys Enter and Esc for exiting menus and windows.
  • Compatible with popular browsers.
  • Compatible with screen reading software NVDA.


Dear Visitors,

 As stated, we are doing all we can to ensure our website offers the greatest accessibility possible as part of our commitment to enable use of the site by the general public, including those with disabilities. Nevertheless, it could happen that you encounter parts of the site that are not accessible or contain errors with regard to its accessibility.

In the event that you encounter any such accessibility problem while browsing our Internet website, we would be happy to receive your comments and requests which you can send to us via email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In order to enable us to deal with the problem in the best way possible, we request that you include in your mail as many details as you can, such as the following:

  • Description of the problem
  • Link to the page in question
  • What action you tried to accomplish
  • The browser you use and its version (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.)
  • Your operating system (e.g. WIN XP, WIN 10)
  • Type of assisting software (e.g. JAWS, NVDA)

ESRA will make every effort to ensure that the website is as easily and completely accessible as possible and to reply to your mail quickly and professionally.

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