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How much do you know about ESRA and all that it does?

ESRA, Israel's largest English speaking volunteer organization, is focused on two main avenues of activity. Firstly, ESRA is dedicated to the successful integration of English speaking immigrants into Israeli society through a rich array of social and cultural activities in English and providing volunteering opportunities. Secondly, ESRA works to close the social and educational gaps in the country's geo-social periphery through the development and management of community projects throughout the country.




A long-term project whereby students are provided housing in disadvantaged neighborhoods, and in return, they mentor a group of local schoolchildren and become social activists in the community. Netanya, Akko
MA students mentor BA students in coping with studies, while imparting leadership values and personal empowerment. Akko
A weekly course providing youth with tools for personal success through discipline, self-confidence, overcoming obstacles, and the acquisition of a skill. The youth who stay the course receive all their skateboarding equipment at the end of the year. Netanya, Beer Sheva, South Tel Aviv
Course for youth, mainly from the Ethiopian community, enhancing self-confidence and leadership, strengthening their Israeli identity as well as pride in their heritage, culminating in a roots trip to Ethiopia Netanya, Givat Olga
During afterschool hours, students mentor a group of schoolchildren recommended by the Welfare Department, in return for a scholarship. Rishon Lezion 
In accordance with the UN model, training youth to become ambassadors of Sderot through debating competitions in English. Sderot
A biennial course for high-potential youth providing educational enrichment in biology, physics, chemistry, marine biology and ecology at the Ruppin Marine Science Institute, Michmoret. Netanya
Professional music instruction and a DJ course for youths to help develop their musical talents. Netanya
Weekly drumming class and activities for special occasions in an afterschool welfare center. Rishon Lezion
Weekly English enrichment and activities for special occasions in an afterschool welfare center. Rehovot
In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, volunteers help schoolchildren with their English studies. Nationwide
Development of thinking and study skills among youth diagnosed with learning difficulties. Kfar Hasidim
Early childhood experts work in kindergartens, helping children prepare for first grade both educationally and emotionally. Netanya
Teaching computer skills, including Internet, for children, youth, and adults. Netanya 
Professional tutoring in core subjects. Haifa 
Remedial teaching in an afterschool welfare center. Modiin
A Professional English teacher works with a group of children in a learning center. South Tel Aviv
Weekly activities for young adults providing a social frame work and enrichment. Kfar Shmaryahu, central region
Learning basic computer skills, Internet and social media, at Enosh Center. Ramat Hasharon
Animal therapy and weekly fun in the park. Tiberias
Weekly activities at the Center for Families with Special Needs Children, including siblings. Petah Tikva
Young adults with special needs are employed and work regularly in the ESRA Nearly-New Shop. Raanana 
Children and teens with behavioral problems learn to communicate and acquire tools for success in school and life, through interacting with animals in the therapeutic farm at Kibbutz Magal. Hadera and surroundings
A warm home-away-from-home for teenage girls at risk providing a hot lunch, social activities and English tutoring. Netanya
Enrichment activities including trips and special events for youth who have dropped out of school. Kfar Saba
Volunteers visit the elderly, helping them socially and culturally. Nationwide
Individual meetings, at subsidized cost, for English speakers dealing with trauma and life's challenges. The service is also available by telephone. Supervised by Professor Claire Rabin. Nationwide
A social activity in which items of clothing, dolls, and blankets are knitted and distributed to needy children, lone soldiers, newborn infants in hospital, and more. Nationwide
Professional sewing training for adults. Netanya, Kfar Saba
Financial assistance to students, from their second year of studies. Nationwide
From their second year on the project, students can receive extra assistance in return for additional volunteering. Netanya
Financial support provided to families in times of crisis. Nationwide
For research into Volunteerism in Israel, presented in English. Nationwide
Financial assistance to breast cancer patients undergoing treatment and experiencing financial stress as a result of their illness. Nationwide

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