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Events & Activities

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Cross boundaries estate planning

Sunday, 29 January 2023 at 19:30

Online Event

ESRA members NIS 25 | Non-members NIS 35


ESRA National

One of the most elementary taboos in life is death. Although we are all going to die, most of us are reluctant to plan for this event, and even more so when it comes to scenarios of mental or physical incompetence. 

In this lecture Dr. Carmi will discuss how to best prepare legally for death and incompetence, and will draw a map to guide you for better planning of your estate. 

Dr .Guy Carmi has masters and doctoral degrees in law from the University of Virginia School of Law and an MBA from Tel Aviv University School of Management. 

Dr. Carmi is a notary, and has a permit from the Ministery of Justice to conduct continuous power of attorney. Dr. Carmi specializes in estate planning, wills and probates.