ESRA Modi’in Branch is a reflection of the city of Modi’in: active, growing and very dynamic. Founded less than 30 years ago midway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Modi’in with its current population of 100,000,  is a prime destination for English-speaking olim, young families as well as seniors. 

ESRA Modi’in, the largest  “Anglo” volunteer organization in the city, aims to serve all ages and sectors of the city’s population.

The city’s layout, designed by the noted influential Israeli Moshe Safdie, is a series of residential neighborhoods built around a central urban center anchored by the city’s one indoor shopping mall. And it is in the mall that one finds the ESRA Modi’in Secondhand Bookshop. Run by ESRA volunteers, the bookshop serves as a social hub as well as a source of books in English and Hebrew - bestsellers and classic favorites.

More than 50 ESRA members volunteer to work in the store. In this way, we maximize the income generated from the book sales that go to support a number of philanthropic activities, prime among them, Neve ESRA, our successful afternoon program for young people from disadvantaged circumstances.

Other volunteer programs include an active tutoring project-  English Teaching Program (ETP), Knitters Group which produces hundreds and hundreds of items annually for distribution to local hospitals, and our New Olim Welcome Initiative which works to assist new arrivals to Modiin settle into their new home.

Besides monthly events - lectures, trips and socials - ESRA Modi’in Branch is growing a “Generation NEXT” committee which is developing programs and activities specifically for the young families that keep arriving in Modi’in annually. It's part of ESRA’s ambition to provide a supportive community network for different age groups alongside other new developments as ESRA 40+ Community throughout Israel.   

Co-chair Modiin

Doreen Morris | 054 6174618  | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.          

Co-chair Modiin

Rhona Berzack  |  054 4208550  | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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