ESRA Netanya is a dynamic, warm and welcoming group. Its manifold activities embrace a diverse informative lecture course - boasting top lecturers. Well-known journalists keep us up-to-date with Israel’s manifold and complex political happenings. Music lovers enjoy an informed and illustrated insight into the world of music. History comes to life through the outstanding delivery of our excellent lecturers.

Netanya’s wide program includes viewing the country through the eyes of a charismatic professional guide; fun evenings of first class entertainment; car rallies and sociable get-togethers over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.


Wishing to volunteer?

ESRA’s English Teaching Program enables volunteers to help local schoolchildren with their English conversation; the opportunity exists to help youngsters ranging from Primary to High School level.


Want to help the lonely? 

Training is offered to those who wish to become befrienders of many who feel lost and alone.

Funds raised go towards ESRA’s projects.  Netanya is proud to have its own project - The Volume Center - offering music opportunities to youngsters living in an area of deprivation. Yes, surprising as it is, Netanya has neighborhoods requiring support where ESRA’s flagship project “Students Build a Community” has made a difference, not only to the children but also to the entire community.     


Want a stimulating, meaningful and enjoyable life - join ESRA Netanya - we are waiting to welcome you!    

Chair: Barbara Kliner
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