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Events & Activities

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ESRA Hike to Golan -Yehudiya to Nahal Yehudiya

Wednesday, 3 May 2023 at 6:30


ESRA Members NIS 155 | Non-members NIS 195


This is the final one-day hike of the season. We have chosen to hike in the Yehudiya Nature Reserve in the Golan, north of the Kinneret. As we begin the hike, you will immediately notice the area's incredible beauty, flowers blossoming, and beautiful views that can be seen over the Golan. We descend towards a rich green mountainside canyon. We continue past the ancient remains of Yehudiya, which was occupied up until the 6-Day War. There are many structures still intact. As we pass these structures, we continue to pass the mountain with Yehudiya Falls visible in the distance. There is a steep descent to the bottom of the canyon and beyond the trees, we can view Little Switzerland. We then walk around boulders and rocks to the falls, where we view a great waterfall crashing down into the pools below. There are several pools, so bring swimwear and sandals if you want to swim. Then we ascend the trail and hike back to Yehudiya. It has been commented that the waterfall is one of the most serene and wet places in Israel. 
  • Category of the hike; The hike is moderate with some sections considered hard. Please be aware of this when registering.
  • The hikes are only suitable for people who are regular hikers and are in good health and are able to hike for up to 6 hours, sometimes in rocky and hilly conditions.
Pick up points:
6:30 |  Raanana - Mercaz Klita (car park)
6:45 |  Bet Yehoshua train station
For other pick-up points, please contact Lawrence 054 7734394

● Due to the postponement at the end of March, of the two-day overnight hike because of bad weather - it has been rescheduled for 28th & 29th May 2023. This will also take place in the Golan. As a result of the change of date, there are a few places available. For further details contact, Lawrence.

Hikers should come properly prepared for each hike:  plenty of water (2 litres per person in normal weather, at least 3 litres per person if it’s hot), good walking boots or shoes, change of clothes/towel if swimming, hat, sunscreen and food for breakfast & lunch in a backpack.  Walking poles optional, but useful.
ESRA hikes are suitable for people in good health.  We reserve the right to refuse participation on the hike to any person who does not come properly equipped or is not physically capable of making the distance.

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