Events & Activities

Events & Activities

ESRA’s community provides people of different age groups with different social and cultural activities targeted to their interests and needs, while also coming together through national activities that suit everyone.
We invite you to become a member, enjoy our activities, access personal support and feel the satisfaction of volunteering, wherever, whenever it suits you, knowing you are aiding Israeli society.

Events from ESRA Haifa Branch category

Everything you have always wanted to know about the Alexander Technique

Sunday, 16 June 2024 at 19:00

Why have so many philosophers, psychologists, performing artists and celebrities turned to the Alexander Technique for help in their daily lives?  Who was F.M. Alexander and what is his technique all about?  Is this something that might help me or somebody I know?   

Avi Granit will answer all these questions while introducing you to the Alexander Technique with an informative and interesting talk accompanied by demonstrations.

ESRA members NIS 35 | Non-members NIS 50.         Register


Gourmet Vegetarian Cookery Club

Sunday, 14 July 2024 at 10:00 - 14:00

Welcome to the fourth meeting of the ESRA Haifa Gourmet Vegetarian Cookery Club - Bastille Day French special. 
ESRA members 150 NIS members | Non-members 210 NIS