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ESRA Community Life is an anchor for olim, whether just beginning their integration or long established. Social and cultural activities, geared to different age groups, add value and quality to life, as well as relevant services.

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The ESRA Camera Club will be renewing activities after the upcoming Chagim. We will be going out for photo shoots to a variety of interesting sites. Most of the outings will be preceded by a preliminary talk to guide the group on how to best exploit the shoot venue. In the days after the shoot, we will ask you to edit your photos and send the best ones for a follow up critiquing session. Sounds simple?

The answer like everything is, yes and no. It sounds simple to point your camera and press the shutter button. But if we look below that most superficial level, we can find many interesting things. We need to understand that when you take a photograph, that the camera is an extension of yourself. In your photo you display your personal background, your artistic sense, your character and also your skills. You decide if you are satisfied with the composition of the picture in the frame, you choose the subject, you accept the existing light conditions, you decide how close to be to the subject and much more. So, any photograph you take is as much about you as it is about the photograph anyone sees.

Photography also has it challenges. There are parameters that you cannot control sometimes, such as the light or if someone or something suddenly obscures the subject of your photo at a crucial moment. The weather may influence your results or the angle that you want is not accessible. Often, there is an element of luck and timing in photography. You may have some frustrating moments. However, with good planning, patience and perseverance you will succeed. Photography is very personal and also very rewarding.

So, if photography is a solo activity, why create a group of people that do photography together? Photography is a journey. That journey is hugely influenced by the people that travel with you. They provide feedback on your work and you learn new techniques and skills from them. Interactions between photographers lead to mutual enrichment. Consequently, we believe it is important that members meet after a photoshoot and critique each other’s work.

The aim of the ECC has been and remains, to create a community of like-minded English-speaking photographers. The emphasis is on community. We enjoy each other’s company and learn from each other. We welcome all photographers at any level including beginners and those that use mobile phones. If you have an interest in photography, come join us on our outings. There is something for everyone!
Gerry Fraser
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